API Introduction

The Worldcoin Developer Portal offers an API to enable easy verification of World IDs and relevant credentials.

Base URL



The main proof verification endpoints require no authentication and are only rate limited (see /precheck/{app_id} and /verify/{app_id} endpoints for details).

Other endpoints do require authentication and there is two mechanisms available.

  • Login token. Intended only for using the frontend of the Developer Portal. These tokens are short-lived and require personal interaction through Sign in with Worldcoin.
  • API keys.

API Keys

API Keys are currently in Alpha. To get an API key contact a Worldcoin core contributor.
  • API keys are intended for use by third-party applications and for server-to-server communication. They are long-lived and can be revoked at any time.
  • API keys are scoped to a team and have full permissions for any actions as any user of the Developer Portal.
  • Once you have an API key, use it as the value of the Authorization header in your requests. For example:
Authorization: Bearer $API_KEY