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Sign in with Worldcoin

Try authentication with World ID using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) standard. You can use our integration on the Auth0 Marketplace, easily integrate with existing SSO systems (like Okta, OneLogin, Azure AD, and many others), or roll out your own authentication.

Step 1 • action configuration
Step 2 • optional scopes (compatibility)
Step 3 • this is what your users see

Anonymous Actions

Here you can test out various Anonymous Actions configurations, including ones that will fail (such as a phone-verified user attemping an action requiring Orb verification).

  • 1

    Choose between Staging or Production.

  • 2

    Input the name of the action.

  • 3

    Choose what type of credentials you want to accept. You can have both Orb and Phone, or only one.

  • 4

    Tap on "Continue with Worldcoin."

  • 5

    Follow the steps in "Continue with Worldcoin" flow.

Step 1 • Choose Staging or Production
Step 2 • configure action
Accepted credentials
Step 3 • this is what your users see
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