World ID

The protocol to bring global proof of personhood to the internet.


World ID is a digital passport that lets a user prove they are a unique and real person while remaining anonymous. This happens through zero-knowledge proofs (ZKP) and other privacy-preserving cryptographic mechanisms.

You can easily integrate World ID in your app and smart contract or backend. World ID holders can easily and anonymously verify they are a unique human through a compatible identity wallet, like the World App.

Person using Sign In with Worldcoin

Your app connects to the user's wallet and requests verification
User verifies with a ZKP, using their World ID credentials.

How it works

In broad strokes, this is how World ID works.

  1. User gets their World ID in a compatible wallet (e.g. the World App).

  2. User receives credentials in their World ID. The flagship credential is biometric verification, currently available by using the Orb. The user can also verify their phone number to obtain the respective credential.

  3. Project integrates with World ID.

  4. User connects their World ID to authenticate, and optionally prove they are a unique human doing something only once. The user's wallet will generate a ZKP to accomplish this.

  5. Project verifies the ZKP, either by using the API or by verifying it on-chain.


  • World ID offers the highest standards of privacy. The core protocol relies on Zero-Knowledge Proofs to ensure that no one (including core Worldcoin contributors) can:
    • Link a user to a specific person (unless they explicitly do so with a third-party app).
    • Link users across applications, or even across anonymous actions.
    • Know a person's iris code (even if they have verified at an Orb).
  • World ID can be used without providing personal information. No emails, no social profiles, no names, everything is optional.
  • The Protocol is self-custodial by default and users are in full control.
    • The user's World ID is stored in their device, encrypted, following best practices.