World ID

The protocol to bring privacy-preserving global proof of personhood to the internet.

You can find the Protocol Whitepaper at

Person using Sign in with World ID

World ID is a digital identity solution enabling users to prove their uniqueness and humanity anonymously via zero-knowledge proofs and advanced privacy-preserving cryptography.

World ID can be easily integrated into both cloud and on chain apps. Users, with a valid World ID, can anonymously verify in seconds that they are a unique human through a World ID compatible wallet, like World App.


Existing identity solutions are broken. They are either too centralized, too invasive, or too insecure. World ID is a privacy-preserving, decentralized, and robust identity solution that is easy to use and integrate.

Users never need to share personal information to use World ID -- no government IDs, no emails, no social profiles, no names. They can prove they are a unique human without revealing their identity to anyone, not even Worldcoin's core contributors.