Social Media
World ID use cases

Social Media

Social networks where humans, not bots, engage. With World ID and progressive proof of personhood social networks can be enhanced and several abuse problems solved.


The bot problems in social media have been around for years now. Bots not only undermine the network and the overall quality, but it can lead to misinformation, manipulation and other adverse effects. Adding an anonymous proof of personhood layer to any social media can significantly diminish this adverse effects (particularly at scale), while enhancing the overall quality of the network.

Applications & Problems Solved

Bot Protection

Bot protection for posting, views, likes. Only humans allowed. Prevent fake engagement, manipulation, and abuse.

Improved engagement

Content from humans prioritized. This can be further coupled with a continuous scale (e.g. content from a biometric-verified human is ranked higher than content from a device-verified account).

Community moderation tools

For example, mutes and bans for breaking community guidelines can no longer be circumvented.

Preventing deep fakes & misinformation

Content attribution to prevent deep fakes & misinformation.

Build your project

Calling all builders! Some of these projects are ready to be built. You can find some ideas, features, integrations and even wireframes below. These are intended as a departure point, just to get ideas flowing. Some of these can be a cool side hustle, some your next startup.

For Developers


  • Integration with social network where a single person can only have 2 or 3 accounts. Each account is authenticated with a World ID.
  • Posts in a feed are ranked based on level of personhood.
  • Likes from verified humans are worth more.


In addition to building new applications, there is already some great projects in the social space which could leverage World ID.