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World ID use cases

Non-profit and refugee aid distribution

Using World ID, and particularly relying on global proof of personhood, can be used to build a truly democratic, one person one vote, system as well as novel voting systems


Using World ID’s proof of personhood, a system could be built to ensure aid from NGOs, non-profits, government programs, etc. is distributed equitably to recipients. An example of this is in refugee centers where forms of identification may even be scarcer. Proof of personhood can be used to ensure each individual is receiving each benefit once. Furthermore, it can further be done privately, which can even be a life threatening matter in some cases.

Such system could be built on a decentralized blockchain, further increasing auditability and accountability, as anyone can verify the proper benefit distribution.

Applications & Problems Solved

  • Benefit distribution in situations where identification methods are scarce and/or privacy is critical.
  • Fraud and abuse prevention of benefits (e.g. double claiming).
  • Improved beneficiary system auditability.

Build your project

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